“Connecting People to Christ in His Word and Love.”
Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church
724 S 12th St. Lincoln, NE 68508 | 402-474-0606

Sunday Worship: 8:00am and 10:30am
Sunday School/Bible Study: 9:15am



Gifted-To-Grow Celebration Brunch
WHAT:  There will be a free brunch to celebrate the culmination of the 6-week Gifted-To-Grow study series.
WHO:  ALL are invited regardless of participation in the study.
WHEN:  Sunday, June 12 after 8:00 service (9:00-9:30 a.m.)
FOOD:  Breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, fruit, juice/coffee

Word and Sacrament

Trinity is a congregation that stands on God’s Word in and out of the pulpit.  We regularly celebrate the sacraments for the building of our faith and community.

Traditional Worship

Trinity continues to worship in a liturgical Lutheran manner.  Though we celebrate mostly with organ music and chanting, bell choirs and trumpets, are also open to drama, visuals and some contemporary music.  We consistently try to keep worship stimulating and effective, while maintaining our Lutheran integrity and tradition.

Christian Education

Trinity supports Christian education for all ages, cradle to grave.This support includes parochial education for our children in the form of a preschool, elementary school, Lutheran association middle and high schools, Lutheran colleges and seminaries.  Trinity is also committed to helping all its members grow through regular and diverse Bible studies meeting at various times and various places,some lasting only 4 weeks while others lasting 2 years.

Caring Relationships
Trinity is a caring community that seeks to build relationships among its members and extend those relationships to others uniting them to Christ and His body of believers.  Emphasis is placed on assimilating new members in and keeping active members from becoming inactive.