1 Sharlei Hauck

2 Douglas Moslander

Elke Hamann

Michelle Donovan

3 Anita Shields

Margaret Werth

4 Carolyn Jones

7 Virginia Elrod

Clara Hartung

Lauri Divis

Ana Jarchow

Jehnsen Lebsock

Sidnee Lebsock

8 George Underwood

Lyle Ziems

Nicole Deboer

9 Hailey Backhus

Erma L’Heureux

11 Sandra Miller

12 Roger Elrod

Janice Bouc

13 Frederick Miller

Kathleen Frank

14 Larry Behrends

Mallory Luebbe

James Metschke

Andrew Malan

Heather Johnson

16 Skyler Kiney

Delilah Kond

18 Andrew Reid

20 John Puelz

Haleigh Hoefs

21 Roger Hartung

Christopher Swancara

Kristin Schreiber

22 William Loder

Sharon Veskrna

Brooke Hoefs

23 Paul Mundt

24 Benjamin Schmeling

April Marshall

25 Margaret Bittner

John Swancara

26 Romonah Kond

27 Peggy Luebbe

Jenna Meints

29 James Griess

June Taege

30 Kimberly Orth

David Geidel

31 Mary Bereuter

James West

Brielle O’Donnell

In June the People’s City Mission Food Pantry needs peanut butter, jelly, tuna and canned fruits. You can bring food items and place in box in the narthex on the first Sunday of each month.